Running Accomplishments


Phunt 50K – 1st overall female


Grindstone 100 – 2nd overall female

Wilds marathon – 3rd overall female

Catoctin 50K – 2nd overall female

Promise Land 50K – 5th overall female

Terrapin Mountain 50L – 4th overall female

Hashawha Hills – 1st overall female

Phunt 50K – 3rd overall female


Hellgate 100k - 3rd overall female

Ricks Run – 8 hr run – 1st overall

Catoctin 50K, 3rd overall female

Cayuga Trail 50M finisher

Holiday Lake 50K, 7th overall female

2013-2012 Avery Cooper (daughter)


Ultimate Direction Dirty 30 12Mile, 3rd overall female

2010-2009 – Jaden Cooper (daughter)


Wasatch 100M- 8th overall female

San Juan Solstice 50m- 8th overall female

Jemez Mountain 50m – 2nd overall female

Greenland trail 50K – 3rd overall female


24 hrs of Boulder – 1st overall female

Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc 166 KM – 6th overall female

Crown King Scramble 50K – finisher


Miwok 100KM – finiusher

Rocky Raccoon – 50M – 3rd overall female

Imogene Pass Run - finisher


High Mountain 50KM – finisher

San Juan Solstice 50M – 6th overall female

Collegiate Peaks 50M – 4th overall female


Hellgate 100Km – 5th overall female

Leadville 100M – 8th overall female

San Juan Solstice – 50M – 4th overall female

Zane Grey 50M – Finisher

Desert Rats 50M – 2nd overall female


Hellgate 100K -4th overall female

Superior Trail 50M – 3rd overall female

Marathons + shorter distances have been run starting in 1998, and have been included throughout her running career.


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    Lori Cooper

    Personal Biography

    The past 10 years of successful ultra running has provided Lori significant experience with training plan development focused on quality running, functional strength and running life balance.  Her engineering background combined with her drive to understand the human endurance machine has given her the foundation to integrate fundamental exercise science concepts with proven strategies.  Whether you are new to running or an experienced ultra runner, Lori can provide the assistance and inspiration to take your running to the next level. 



    • NCCPT Personal Training Certification 
    • American Red Cross CPR

    Coaching Philosophy

    “By building endurance capacity supported by functional strength using variety, periodization and measurement techniques, my clients can optimize their running potential.”