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The Heart of the matter

We believe in the endurance of the human athlete and your ability to set and reach goals that others call unattainable. You are defined by what you are willing to work to achieve, not by what you have not accomplished. To set a goal of a 100mile race, a personal record in a road marathon or a multiday trek is to believe in yourself. 

Our coaching strategy does just that, believes in your dream.

By starting with a lactate threshold (LT) test we insure a personalized approach to your training plan. Personalized heart rate zones are then set using data from your LT test, thus assuring that you are working in the correct energy system for the desired physiological adaptations required to reach  your goal. Next is a one-on-one consultation to assess that your running goals and daily life commitments are supportive. This personalized and practical approach to coaching and training guarentees success in reaching your goals and making your dreams a reality.

We at UltraRunner Training have a passion for running. Whether you find us trekking in Nepal, racing a 50mile race, or grinding out weekly Zone 4 heart rate workout, running holds physiological and psychological benefits for all of us; benefits that have enriched our daily life and those around us.