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Lactate Threshold Testing

Knowing your Lactate Threshold or LT is a better training tool for your current fitness level than knowing your VO2max. Your V02max or maximum amount of O2 your body can uptake and utilize, has a genetic ceiling that was sadly set the moment you came into this world.

But research has shown that your LT is trainable! Lactate Threshold also know as Anaerobic Threshold is the point in which lactate, a byproduct of Carbohydrate breakdown without O2, is being produced by the working muscles faster than your body can absorb and utilize by the working and non-working muscles, as well as your heart, liver and kidneys. When this accumulation of blood lactate levels raise faster than your body can utilize as an energy source, then your muscles fatigue and the loss of performance is inevitable.

LT is often represented as a % of VO2max, in an untrained athlete their LT is 50% of VO2. In a well training athlete LT can be as high as 90% of VO2max.

With proper training your body can learn to: produce less lactate at a given workload and utilize a higher rate of lactate as an energy source. Both adaptations will produce a faster pace at less of a physiological cost to you.

A lactate threshold test consists of a graded exercise protocol, where an athlete is put through increasing workload or running pace on a treadmill. The workloads are 5min in length and begin at 45-50% of VO2max for a trained individual ending at near max training pace. The test generally lasts 45-60 minutes in length with a 1hr consultation post test. This test should be completed at the end of a recovery period so that the overall training fatigue is low. This test is a high-intensity workout and should be considered part of the athletes training plan.

Data gathered during the test:

  • Personalized Heart rate zones for training
  • Blood lactate profile line
  • LT as a %Heart Rate max and est. VO2max
  • Rate of perceived exertion (RPE)

Appointments are made for 2 hour time blocks. Testing protocol, medical history and waiver forms are e-mailed to you for test day preparation.